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The Law Offices of Bonnie Alexander provides compassionate, experienced legal support and advice. When you need a family law specialist in Chicago, IL call Ms. Alexander at 312-887-1111 for more information about the following legal services:

* Adoptions
* Child Custody
* Child Support
* Contested Divorce
* Divorce
* Legal Advice
* Legal Representation
* Legal Separation
* Mediation
* Paternity Determinations
* Post-Divorce Decree Litigation
* Support Enforcement Removal Cases
* Uncontested Divorce
* Visitation

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To resolve all cases through thorough and skilled negotiations resulting in settlement agreements.

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Family Law Chicago IL

Do you feel like your marriage has become an untenable situation and you need to bring it to an end? Do you have children and are concerned about visitation, custody, and child support? Are you thinking about a marital separation while you decide whether or not to stay in your marriage? Then you need the services of a family law attorney. In Chicago, Bonnie Alexander of the Law Offices of Bonnie Alexander, has been providing family law legal representation for more than 26 years. She is a skilled, passionate attorney and she will work with you to protect your rights.

Whether you are looking for a specialist in family law because you’re thinking about a divorce, need help with separation agreements, or want to know your rights, you need to accept that the situation can be highly emotionally charged. Ms. Alexander will calm you, reassure you, and help you explore your legal options. In addition to divorces, legal separations, and child custody issues, Ms. Alexander also offers legal representation for pre- and post-nuptial agreements, guardianship agreements, and civil unions. As a compassionate family law attorney, Ms. Alexander is knowledgeable, caring, and attentive to legal details. She offers free initial consultations about family law topics and is always available to assist you through these challenging times.

Specializing in family law, Ms. Alexander of the Law Offices of Bonnie Alexander is a local attorney with many years of experience representing clients just like you. For more information about the legal services Ms. Alexander offers in Chicago, IL and to the neighboring communities, call her offices at 312-887-1111.

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The Law Offices of Bonnie Alexander offers the following legal products:

* Cohabitation Agreements
* Divorce Decree Modifications
* Orders of Protection
* Post-Nuptial Agreements
* Prenuptial Agreements
* Separation Agreements
* Settlement Agreements